Enjoy Games on Facebook

Facebook games are exciting and entertaining and members of Facebook can always find some innovative and socially engaging games to enjoy. The games that are found through the App Center on Facebook are completely free to play and players will find all sorts of games offered. Some of the best social games being played today are found right on Facebook and players will enjoy the thousands of titles that can be accessed quickly and easily. Getting started with any of the games is simple. One just needs to have a Facebook account, visit the Facebook App Center and select what game they wish to play. The game will be added to the list of games on the Facebook account and can then be accessed on desktops as well as on mobile devices for endless action and ongoing entertainment.

Leading Facebook Games

Facebook games are played each and every day by millions of Facebook account holders and there are some tremendous game titles that can be enjoyed for free. The games that are featured can be single player games or multi-player games and they all offer the chance to interact with others and compete for scores or achievements. With the growing list of Facebook games, there is always a title that will meet the needs of any gamer and will provide a great casual gaming experience. From standard card games to the most exciting role-playing titles, Facebook games have changed the way players engage in gaming action.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top played Facebook games today and this game has been enjoyed since its release in 2012. The game will allow players to complete various levels by making matches of candy pieces that appear on the screen. Over the years the game has been enhanced and expanded with the addition of new levels and new power-ups that can be earned through gameplay or by making a small purchase through the game.

Clash of Clans is another hit Facebook game and this is a multi-player strategy game that is set in a fantasy world. Players will have to build their own towns by using different resources, which can be bought or earned by attacking other players in the game. This is the perfect game for anyone that enjoys strategy themed games that offer great graphics and multiple game features to make each gaming session unique and exciting.

Farmville is one of the most played games on Facebook and with this game, players will create, operate and maintain a virtual farm setting. The game has multiple quests and resources and there are always enhancements being made to offer new and thrilling ways for farms to grow and thrive.

Texas Hold Em Poker is a thrilling game for anyone that loves the action of poker. While the game is not a real money poker game, it is quite realistic in terms of presentation. This is a social game that allows players to choose from different tables, which include casual play, tournament play or even VIP tables with high stakes.

Each day, players access hundreds of Facebook games and players from all around the world are enjoying titles that fit their own gaming needs. Some other hot games that are popular with Facebook users include Candy Crush, Bingo Blitz, Bejeweled Blitz, SimCity Social and Monster Legends. No matter what types of games players like to play, they will find all bases covered with the Facebook App Center and will quickly and easily be able to locate the hottest titles and games that can lead to endless action and some intense gameplay online.

Using the Facebook App Center

Facebook games are so popular and members can access the Facebook App Center to search for the many great games that have been released over the years. This is simple app center that provides easy navigation. Players will have the ability to search for games by title or they can browse the games that are featured and highlighted. The great thing about the Facebook games that are offered is that they can all be installed and played for free and they provide an amazing way to socialize with other Facebook users and enjoy games that offer role-playing, simulation and much more.

It is easy to find the games that are desired and there are tabs at the top of the page that can help with searches. Players can find a list of the Top Charts games and here, they will enjoy titles that are played by thousands of players on a daily basis. There are also tabs for Casual Games, Battle Games and Casino Games. Facebook members can also save their list of preferred games and can access it anytime with the Facebook App Center by clicking on the Your Games tab at the top of the page.