Electronic Arts Games

Electronic Arts is one of the leading American video game companies and it has been creating great games that can be enjoyed on consoles, online and with mobile devices. Over the years, players all around the world have been playing games from this company and have found the titles to be engaging, exciting and offer the ability to engage in social gaming online. With top-rated titles and new games always in the works, fans of Electronic Arts games will have some great choices when they choose to play online or when using mobile devices. The company does still produce many amazing titles for console players as well.

SimCity Social Game

SimCity Social is one of the top rated social games from EA and this game can be found on the Facebook App Center. The game allows players to build, grow and maintain a city and they will place businesses, houses, attractions and factories throughout their city to help it thrive. Gameplay with SimCity Social is entirely resource-based and players will collect different resources that are used to create or maintain the city. Many of the resources in the game will replenish in time and others will be earned through actions in the game.

SimCity Social was one of the hugely successful Electronic Arts games, but it is no longer available. It has been taken over by the more popular Zynga game, CityVille. Unfortunately, players can no longer access the EA title online or through Facebook. Another game from EA that was appealing to players was The Sims Social. This game lets users create characters and interact with others on Facebook. Relationships can be developed, careers enjoyed and players will help their Sim develop social skills to help them succeed in life. Unlike other Sims games, The Sims Social allowed for socializing through Facebook and players could send and receive different gifts to complete game quests.

Pet Society

Pet Society is a fun-filled social game that can be accessed through the Facebook App Center and it is a leading Electronic Arts games. With this game, players will be able to design pets, choose their appearance, gender and more. Players will then interact with their pets and care for them as the game progresses. The game is a social game, so one will be able to interact with other players and let pets visit different towns and engage in activities with other pets. The game offers rewards through Paw Points, which are earned by visiting friends who play the game. Players can also earn points by playing Daily Lottery games, winning different game awards, engaging in hurdle races and more. This game appealed to players who wanted a realistic simulation game that involves animals and with Pet Society, the player can raise and care for their pets while interacting with other players from around the world.

Great Sports Games

While Electronic Arts games may have designed some amazing social games, the company is best known for their sports-themed games, especially video games. This company has created some of the best selling video game titles, including Madden football games, MLB games and more. One game that is largely popular with online and mobile players is EA Sports FIFA Superstars. This game is offered through Facebook and players can become the manager of a football team, purchase different players, upgrade stadiums and more. With this game, players will enjoy three different leagues, the Pro League, National League and Social League. These all offer different features and levels of difficulty. This game also allows interaction between players as they trade professional players and work together to complete seasons. The game is one that can be enjoyed by any European Football fan and it is one of the top sports-themed social games from EA. Those of you that enjoy sports video games might also be interested in playing sports-themed casino slots. You can search for dozens of sports variants and find the slot game that is right for you in a matter of minutes. Find the best Playzee Casino no deposit slots bonus on nodepositbonuses-uk.com, and you won't even have to spend a single cent to play while still having a chance to win real money.